all fees explained


The TRiBI Fee charged to artists/ vendors is quite simple. At the time of this writing we are offering a promotional flat fee of 5% lifetime for those who sign up by the end of 2024. As of Jan 1st, 2025 the rate is set to increase to no more than 10% for new accounts. All accounts set up prior to the date of Jan 1st, 2025 date will not receive an increased rate. This is subject to change minus

CC processing fees

TRiBI has to use 3rd Party Payment Processors. We are constantly working to develop new ways to reduce this cost. At this time and until further notice our current payment gateway/ processor is Stripe. They charge a fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for each transaction. Although TRiBI will be working hard to reduce this fee, which includes the potential of working with other payment gateways such as Paypal, Venmo, etc. Each company offers different fee structures. At this time Stripe and their fee is as stated above. We here at TRiBI believe in reducing costs to Artists and Crafters, that was our goal from the very beginning. With that in mind we want everyone to understand Stripes fees and how it plays a huge part in the costs associated with our platform. We want to empower you so that you can make the best choice while listing your products with TRiBI. See below for Stripes fees and how it plays a big part in how you price the prints/ products of your artwork that is for sale!

cc processing fee examples

Listing a $250.00 Artwork for sale with the purchaser/ contributor paying $2.00 per digital print/ product to fund the artwork. In this example 100 prints are available and the discounted artwork to be released for sale will be released at the discounted price of $50.00 after all of the digital prints/ products have been sold.

At $2.00 per digital print/ physical print/ product. The CC gateway (Stripe) will be take a total of 36 cents. Although this doesn’t seem like much it is important to look at the percentage, which is 18%. This means that once you sell all 100 prints. The artist/ vendor will have to pay the CC Processor Stripe 18% or $36 dollars. After TRiBI receives 5% or $10.00 the artist/ vendor retains 77% or $154.00 on $200.00 of digital print/ print/ product sales.

If the artist/ vendor would like to reduce the amount of money or percentage the CC gateway receives then increasing the price per print/ product will do this. Below are example prices and the associated $ and % the CC gateway will take.

Price per print/ product

$2.00=36 cents or 18%

$5.00=45 cents or 9%

$8.00=53 cents or 6.6%

$10.00=59 cents or 5.9%

$15.00=74 cents or 4.9%

To calculate this amount multiply the print/ product price by .0291 (this is the percent stripe charges) then add 30 cents or +.30 to that number. That shows the amount taken from each piece. To get the percentage divide it by the original piece price and multiply the result by 100.

Ex. $20.00x.0291=.582+.30=$0.88 (the amount CC gateway will take per $20.00 piece purchased)

Now take the $0.88/20.00=.0441×100=4.41% This is the percent fee that CC gateway is taking per piece purchased.

If an item is listed worth $2000.00 and 100 prints/ products are bought at $20.00 each. Then the CC gateway is taking $88.00 or 4.41%. This is a much better percentage than if listing that same work for $5 per piece where the CC gateway then would take 9% or $180.00 for a $2000.00 artwork!

We hope this helps you understand how important this CC gateway fee is in determining what to list your print/ product price is as well as the original artworks final discounted sales price.

Any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help!!